The Bark River Wilderness Explorer is a Bob Loveless designed classic hunting/field/camp knife that has the sex appeal and beauty that made Bob’s knives the gold standard of the industry.  Measuring 10.75” overall with a 5.75” blade Wilderness Explorer knives excel at chores from breaking down an elk to slicing backstraps back at camp. CPM Cru-Wear provides good stain resistance along with the edge retention of 4V and the toughness of 3V.  Now that is a combination!


Whether slicing or skinning, cutting or slashing Wilderness Explorer knives have a forward cutting curve making it excel at these tasks.  This knife is non skeletonized to provide balance with a longer blade design.  The stainless guard is pinned on for maximum durability.  Comes with a leather belt carry sheath.  The Bark River Wilderness Explorer is a classic knife befitting of any serious hunter or collector’s knife collection.


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Bark River Wilderness Explorer

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