Bushcraft AA Sheath - Black Left

Item: LTHR-133
Bushcraft AA Sheath - Black Left

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This new Bushcraft sheath is designed larger than all previous Bushcraft sheaths to accommodate big knives. It has a firesteel loop, the ability to piggy back to a variety of existing Bark River knives, and provides a consistent look across the bushcraft sheath line. 
Approximate inside dimensions to this sheath are 7.5" x 1.5"

This sheath has been tested on the following knives:

  • Bravo 1 Ramped
  • Bravo 1 Rampless
  • Bravo 1.25 Ramped
  • Bravo 1.25 Rampless
  • Bravo 1.5 Ramped
  • Aurora
  • Gameskeeper
  • Gameskeeper II
  • Montana Guide
  • LT Wright Genesis
  • Fallkniven F1 (carries deep)