Byrd: (by Spyderco) offers a high-quality yet budget-friendly version of Spyderco’s core product line that make it one of the best values available in cutlery. These knives are made in China under Spyderco’s watchful eye for quality assurance. This means you get the same features you enjoy in a Spyderco blade for a much lower cost. A strict emphasis is given to fit and finish, while still coming in at a price that keeps your wallet happy. These knives are great for cost-conscious buyers, gifts, and personalized engravings. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, there is sure to be one that fits your needs. From the small and friendly Robin 2, the legal-almost-anywhere Tern, to the capable Cara Cara 2, there is something for everyone. Offered in a variety of handle materials: Lightweight FRN, Grippy G10, Solid Stainless Steel, and Premium Titanium are all possibilities. Even steel snobs can be satisfied with CTS-BD1 available on select models. Byrd knives are a pocket knife that you'll be excited to carry everyday.

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