Case Canoe - Smooth Yellow Curly Oak

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Case Canoe - Smooth Yellow Curly Oak

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Yellow Curly Oak is warm and welcoming with subtle shades and bright accents. The Case Pewter Shield and Mirror-Polished Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel bring everything together in popular patterns.

The Spear blade features a symmetrical shape with a stronger blade tip for piercing. This heavy-duty blade is a favorite with farmers and anyone else with some tough cuts to make.

The Pen blade shape was originally designed to cut and sharpen turkey quills for use as ink pens. Today, it still makes a great blade for light-duty work. Blade lengths: 2.6" & 1.97"

  1. Specs:
  2. Closed Length: 3.625" (92mm)
  3. Blade Steel: Tru-Sharp Stainless Steel
  4. Blade Style: Spear & Pen
  5. Blade Finish: Mirror Polished
  6. Handle Material: Curly Oak
  7. Lock Type: Slipjoint
  8. Country of Origin: USA