Cold Steel 88THG Two Handed Gim

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Cold Steel 88THG Two Handed Gim

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This type of sword was usually reserved for only the strongest warriors in ancient China, as some specimens weighed over 6 pounds! The long heavy blade cut a wide swath and thus could smash through the defenses of enemy soldiers who were armed with shorter and lighter weapons. It was a natural for defending tight spaces like gates and passage ways where there was room Our version is a bit lighter than some of the originals, giving one the option of wielding it with one or both hands. The battle-tough blade is embellished with a cast brass guard and pommel which are decoratively accented with an intricate relief pattern. The guard and pommel are fitted to an attractive hardwood handle covered with tightly braided cord. A rosewood scabbard completes the package. It is fitted with decorative brass fittings similar in style to the guard and pommel on the sword.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 48.375" (1229mm)
  3. Blade Length: 35" (889mm)
  4. Blade Steel: 1050
  5. Weight: 48.2oz
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