Cross Knives

Cross Knives are built by master craftsmen (and perfectionist) turned world class knife maker, Pete Winkler. Pete is a longtime friend of DLT’s owner, Jason Thoune and is turning out what is no less than some of the finest working field knives on the market. Beautifully crafted of the finest materials and convex sharpened as sharp or sharper than any knife you will find on the planet, Pete’s knives are built to work. Pete has a background as a hard-working, blue collar carpenter as well as an avid sportsman and this history defines his work and his designs. Pete makes sure his designs are efficient in the field and built to take the rigors of daily use as well as use in the outdoors.

Browse our selection of Cross Knives and we think you will agree that from their unique look and painstaking attention to detail to their uncompromising fit and finish these knives are an incredible buy. Pete puts a lifetime worth of his experience in each of these hand crafted knives for sale and although they are beautiful works from a master craftsman, Pete always reminds us that Cross Knives are built to be used first and admired second. Try one today and if the fit and finish and quality are not the best you will find for your money send the knife back to us for a refund of your purchase. DLT Trading is proud to carry Cross Knives and we invite you to try one today. Proudly 100% made in the USA by Cross Knives in Ohio.



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