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Dark Timber Knives are performance driven knives with a flair and uniqueness that is unparalleled in the marketplace. Whether you’re looking for a full blown custom or a production knife, we think every serious knife user owes it to themselves to own at least one DTK. Extremely well balanced with arguably the best designed handles on the planet, each and every Dark Timber Knife is built for the outdoors with a rugged, rustic look and strong “Old West” influences. 

DTK is the lifeblood of owner and designer, Peter Kohler. To say Peter is passionate about making knives is like saying Mt. Everest is a pretty big mountain. It might be better said that he is obsessed with making the best knives on the planet. Peter’s designs flow from the big picture of a use intended knife down to the minutia of making sure every last detail is exactly right - a great designer’s vision meets a perfectionist’s attention to detail. 

With models ranging from bushcraft to camping, handmade hunting knives to tactical, and of course choppers and bowies, Peter has a knife design that will exceed any expectations you have. Each and every Dark Timber Knife is built of the finest materials in the USA; and hand finished by Peter. 

Because of overwhelming demand of Peter's custom knives; he is now offering a mid-tech line of knives. The current schedule includes the 1911 Elite, Honey Badger, and Kodiak, with more designs to come.
For the most up to date information regarding upcoming projects visit Dark Timber Knives or the Dark Timber Brotherhood Facebook group.


 Due to the fast selling nature of Dark Timber knives, and the slow speed of Paypal processing. All  are sold via Credit Card only. 
Strict limit of 1 knife per household for each release.

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