The Demko AD-10 is the definition of a hard use folder. Using the incredibly strong Tri-ad the AD-10 is as reliable as a folder can get when the going gets tough. The Triad lock works ambidextrously like the back lock you’re used to, but has a much stronger internal design for unbeatable toughness and reliability. Demko mated the Tri-ad lock with beefy construction, a pair of titanium liners, hand filling G-10, Micarta, or Carbon fiber scales, and a variety of high end blade steels such as CPM 3V, and CPM-20CV on a wide drop point blade, operated with dual thumb studs. The Demko AD-10 is big enough to handle almost any job, but small enough to always have with you, and is comfortable to use all day. Demko has set the standard for the hard use knife with AD-10. These aren’t made often, so if you get the chance to buy one, don’t pass it up. As the largest dealer of Demko Knives, there is no better place to buy your next Tri-ad Lock AD10 than DLT Trading!

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