The Demko AD-15 is the next generation of the hard use folder from Andrew Demko. Taking some design cues from the AD-10, the AD-15 is immediately recognizable as a Demko knife while having a flavor all its own. At the heart of the AD-15 is the Scorpion lock, designed by Andrew Demko as a stronger, easier to use variation on a back lock while staying ambidextrous. The Scorpion lock allows for one hand use while keeping your fingers away from the path of the blade, it is self adjusting over time and incredibly strong. As an added benefit the user’s grip on the knife will only support the lock and make it even more secure, leading to almost fixed blade like strength in an easy to carry package.The blade on the AD-15 is a spearpoint blade with a swedge, operated with dual thumb studs and offered primarily in the premium CPM-20CV for excellent edge retention and durability. The Demko AD-15 is a robust yet user friendly tool that is ready to be used, As the largest dealer of Demko Knives, there is no better place to buy your next Scorpion Lock AD15 than DLT Trading!

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