DLT 4 Way Leather Block Strop Kit

DLT 4 Way Leather Block Strop Kit

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Presenting the Ultimate Leather Block Strop – your essential tool for achieving the pinnacle of edge refinement. This strop is designed with four sides, each boasting a generous area of 8" x 2". Among them, three sides feature rough leather for effective coarse stropping, while one side offers a smooth surface for fine honing.

Experience both efficiency and convenience with the interior hollow cavity that perfectly accommodates three included compound bars: white, green, and black. This clever storage design ensures quick access to compounds, enhancing the sharpening process and your overall experience.

Embrace effortless control during every sharpening session with the ergonomic 6" handle, ensuring comfortable and precise usage. Elevate your blade maintenance journey with the Ultimate Leather Block Strop – your indispensable companion for achieving an exceptional razor-sharp edge on all your cherished tools.

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  2. Country of Origin: USA