DLT Ultimate Block Strop/Hone

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DLT Ultimate Block Strop/Hone
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The DLT Ultimate Block Strop/Hone was designed to allow the user to sharpen any knife from very dull to hair popping sharp all with one tool. Three of the honing block's four sides are covered in premium vegetable tanned leather supplied by Bark River Knife / Sharpshooter Sheath systems to allow for multiple sharpening compounds to be used.

A simple, yet remarkably effective attachment system allow strips of sandpaper to be firmly attached for sharpening of knives that need more than a touch up. If you don't allow your knives to get that dull this strop block/hone is still a must have. It allows you to have black, green and white sharpening compound on one honing block and sharpen your knife in sequence without having to find another block or change compound!

Each side of the knife sharpening hone measures 8" x 2"

100% American made, the DLT Ultimate Knife Sharpening Hone was built to last. Includes one strip of 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper to start with. Check out our vast array of sandpaper and sharpening kits.


Leather is a natural product and as such can have small imperfections in the hide or areas that are slightly thinner. This is not a defect and is completely normal with leather.