Dull Boy Blades Whole Enchilada - FDE

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Dull Boy Blades Whole Enchilada - FDE

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The Whole Enchilada is a compact, ultralight, expanding knife sharpener that is easy to use, and ready for adventure. With a 600 grit diamond stone and leather strop, you have a complete sharpening system in the palm of your hand. Whether you are sharpening your EDC during your lunch break or touching up your edge halfway through processing an elk, the Whole Enchilada has you covered.

Simple on purpose. By focusing on the essentials, they have eliminated bulk and weight and prioritized the stuff you need; something to create a burr (diamond stone), and something to remove a burr (leather strop, which is a seriously undervalued tool). They made sure the leather strop was just as large as the diamond stone, since you will likely be using your strop much more often than the diamond stone itself. Stopping regularly is a great way to keep your edge razor sharp and extend the life of your tool. There is a reason Barbers use it on their straight razors!

The Whole Enchilada expands upwards when you slide the base out of the case, rotate, and reinsert the base (you will hear a satisfying click when the base is fully inserted). By expanding up (not out) the working surfaces are directly above your hand, giving you maximum control, while keeping your fingers out of the blade's path.

When you close the sharpener, you will hear a click when the base is fully seated, letting you know that the sharpener is closed, and your sharpening surfaces are protected. This compact package is now easy to throw in a pocket or bag without worry of damaging the sharpener or your other belongings.

  • SPECS:
  • Weight: 2.2 oz
  • Closed Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.6 x .75"
  • Open Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.6 x 1.13"
  • Diamond Stone Grit: 600
  • Leather Strop: Cowhide leather with fine polishing compound
  1. Specs: