Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives are synonymous with hard-working tactical tools built for people whose lives may depend on their blade. Built rock-solid right here in the USA, these folding and fixed blade tactical knives are made to the standards dictated by the company president and owner Ernest “Ernie” Emerson. Emerson has been known in the knife world since the late 1970’s for making exceptional, hard use knives for everyone who desires top quality. Emerson is an expert craftsman, coming from a tool and die making lineage. He has used this background to craft many of the top knives in use around the world.

Many of the Emerson knives on sale, such as the Emerson Super Roadhouse and Emerson Commander knife, include the patented wave opening feature. The wave design allows for the knife to be opened and deployed by simply pulling it and out of the pocket. The only way for a faster deployment from a knife is to start with a fixed blade. The wave is an excellent feature for a defensive knife or every day carry when a knife blade is needed at a moment’s notice. The patented feature has been licensed by some and copied by others, but is the original work of Ernest Emerson and his passion to create unique, functional designs.  

What you will not find on any Emerson knives for sale are fancy handle materials, ornate designs into the scales, or highly polished designs. These knives are built to be used; with thought out handle designs that are comfortable to hold, high traction handle materials, and top quality blade steels. A knife to Emerson is a tool, not a design or beauty contest, that should last the life of its user.  

The entire line of Emerson Knives for sale is proudly 100% made in the USA with American sources materials. They have served many users throughout the years. Navy SEALs to NASA astronauts have gone to Ernest Emerson for help his expertise in knives, which is why DLT Trading is proud to include Emerson in our lineup and make them available to our customers.

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