EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet - Black

Item: EOS-TI20-004
EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet - Black

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The new and improved EOS wallet is here. Still CNC machined from Grade5 titanium, now with more features and usability! We kept the same O-ring style everyone loves so much, but twisted the thumb slot, added more O-rings for security, as well as the Fulcrum titanium money clip!

The wallets can accommodate the equivalent of 20 cards

Cards inside, cash outside, all in one easy to use pocket friendly setup!

Please note....

Cerakote is a very tough finish, but it is a coating. it can chip or scratch under heavy abuse, but we have tested them under normal/aggressive use, and feel the amazing colors are worth the minor loss of durability. EOS is not responsible for normal wear and tear on this finish.

  1. Specs:
  2. Handle Material: Titanium
  3. Weight: 3oz
  4. Country of Origin: USA
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