Fallkniven Foldable Diamond & Ceramic Sharpener

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Fallkniven Foldable Diamond & Ceramic Sharpener

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The fact that this whetstone has foldable handles means that you can sharpen your knife without risking cutting yourself. As we get better and better knife steels, which are both stronger and harder, even greater demands are put on the tools we use to process these knives. Based on our long experience in staying in the woods, we believe that the diamond sharpener is the absolutely best tool for standard knife sharpening. Even if a diamond whetstone gets worn, it remains flat and that is a great advantage in the long run when sharpening knives. In addition, the diamond whetstone is quick in its action, you get a new edge very fast. No oil or water is needed either. The yellow surface consists of titanium aluminum nitride which greatly prolongs the life of the sharpener.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 8.89" (226mm)
  3. Country of Origin: Japan