Dylan Fletcher Knives can be described with several terms:  useful, ergonomic, ultra-comfortable, well-thought, artistic, and practical are just a few.  We think you will add one more to the list – just about perfect.  The knives have curvaceous handles that exude style are some of the most comfortable – if not the most comfortable – handles on any knives built.  Expertly heat treated and ground steels from O-1 (Dylan’s favorite) to 440C to 154CM make up the wicked sharp convex saber ground blades.  Kydex  that is made by Fletcher (and occasionally) leather sheaths make carrying your very own DFK knife functional.


From their very heard, Fletcher Knives are built with the user in mind.  Dylan doesn’t take mediocre designs and pedestrian blade geometry and throw on exotic handle materials and call it a “custom knife”.  He thinks this is putting lipstick on a pig – and we agree.  Fletcher blades are very visually appealing without question but each and everyone is designed to be used and carried first and foremost and not designed to “look pretty”.  Dylan is a real true blue collar, everyday guy who developed a love of knives at a young age and allowed this passion for blades to turn into his full-time job.  Because of his steeped history with knives and their use in the outdoors as well as tactical situations such as law enforcement, his designs will “wow” you when you use them. 


Interestingly, Dylan has worked as an apprentice to Andy Roy of Fidddleback forge and the two remain very good friends and collaborate regularly.  Additionally, Fletcher was one of the members of the History Channel’s tv series Top Shots.  So not only can Dylan make a heck of a knife, he is a really good shot too!  We think you will agree, Fletcher Knives are some of the most comfortable, best built knives you can find all at a reasonable price for a true hand-built knife.


Fletcher Knives

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