Heritage Military M43 Kukri

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Heritage Military M43 Kukri

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The legendary M43 Kukri was made during WWII as an update to the MK. II Kukri used in WWI. The M43 was instantly popular among the troops who were able to get their hands on them and frequently replaced the standard issue machetes of the British and American troops. Useful for both utility and as a backup weapon, the troops who used them became firmly attached to their Kukris.

Heritage knives make faithful reproductions of the original M43 pattern with slight adjustments for modern sensibilities (slightly longer handle) by hand at their shop in Nepal. As these are all handmade, they will vary slightly in dimensions or appearance from knife to knife, but all are very high quality, authentic Nepalese Kukris made by people who understand how and why a Kukri is designed and built the way it is.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 18" (457mm)
  3. Blade Length: 13" (330mm)
  4. Cutting Edge Length: 12.5" (318mm)
  5. Blade Thickness: 0.286" (7mm)
  6. Blade Steel: 5160
  7. Blade Style: Kukri
  8. Blade Finish: Satin
  9. Handle Material: Rosewood
  10. Handle Thickness: 1" (25mm)
  11. Tang: Full
  12. Weight: 23.17oz
  13. Country of Origin: Nepal