Hofsommer Forge

Cody Hofsommer is nothing short of an artisan. We met Cody at a Midwestern custom knife show and we were absolutely blown away by this humble, amicable salt of the earth knife maker and the astonishing quality of his work. His custom Damascus knives are some of the nicest you will ever see. We’ve been selling knives for a long time and selling tens of thousands of them per year. If Cody doesn’t end up being one of the finest custom knifemakers in the country by the time he’s done then we don’t know a thing about knives.


Cody’s fit and finish and the quality of his Damascus dictate that his prices are about half what they should be. We feel you will agree his quality hunting knives are a tremendous bargain for the quality that you are getting and if Cody hits it big your already good investment will become a great one. Perfect in every way the distinguished knife buyer needs at least one of the Hofsommer Forge knives in his collection.

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