Hults Bruk Arvika 5 Star Racing Axe

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Hults Bruk Arvika 5 Star Racing Axe
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One of the most robust chopping axes available, the Arvika 5-Star boasts a 4.5-pound, hand-forged Swedish steel axe head. Designed for use on Australian hardwood, the wide 5.5-inch blade profile makes large V-shaped cuts in hard, knotty or frozen wood. The axe head is secured to a solid 32-inch American hickory handle with both a steel and wooden wedge. The polished finish reduces cutting friction, while the heavier axe head paired with a shorter handle delivers the fast swings and powerful cuts needed in competition. While sharp out of the box, the Arvika can be profiled and customized by the end-user, a common practice in lumberjack competition sports that is only recommended for those with experience.

  • Head Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Total Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Sheath: none
  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 32" (813mm)
  3. Blade Length: 5.5" (140mm)
  4. Blade Finish: Polished
  5. Handle Material: Hickory
  6. Weight: 93oz