Jason's Picks

As the owner here at DLT I see a lot of knives roll through our warehouse. My selections represent my strong background in hunting, the outdoors, farming, and cooking. I grew up using knives as tools processing deer, beef and hogs from our farm and I continue to use knives hunting, camping and cooking a great deal. As such, I am the “go to” guy at DLT when it comes to knives used in the great outdoors and in the kitchen. Here are some of my favorites.

Victorinox 40520 8” Chef’s knife - A workhorse in the commercial kitchen and home kitchen alike. This knife is renowned by cooking magazines and pros and for good reason - it’s a tremendous knife for the money! This knife features a non slip handle that allows for a sure grip even when processing fatty cuts and the blade takes a fast razor edge on a steel or hone. Personally, I keep a DLT strop loaded with compound and hit the knife on this strop after use and keep it hair popping sharp.

Buck 110 Ultimate Hunter (DLT Exclusive) - We took the knife that defines folding hunting knife and made it oh so much better. We improved the steel from 420HC to S30 with the legendary Paul Bos heat tread, changed the point from a thin clip to a more robust and usable drop point, and upgraded the handle scales. To top it off the knife comes in a distressed leather sheath that exudes class. If you are a hunter or just want a larger, durable lockback for your belt this is a must have.

Bark River Gunny Hunter - How could this one not be in my picks? Take a tremendous knife, the Gunny, and add refinements (drop point and rampless) and you have one of the best hunting knives you could ask for. I developed the Gunny Hunter with BRKT in 2010 and it has fast become one of their top sellers for hunters, outdoorsmen and knife lovers alike. - Shop All Gunny Hunters

Benchmade Griptilian - This knife is a reflection of the Midwest values that shaped me - hard-working, non-flashy, and reliable. The Axis lock makes opening fast and easy and the lockup is legendary. Lightweight yet sturdy and robust this knife is a must own. - Shop All Benchmade Griptilians 

Hinderer XM-18 3.5” - Truly a knife that needs no introduction this framelock is the gold standard for hard use, overbuilt, high-end folders. Rick and his crew pump out perfection in small batches and the customization is almost endless (and a lot of fun!) - Shop All 3.5" XM-18s

Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 - The knife that launched the high end production knife market.  Just like the company’s namesake this knife is legendary and needs no introduction.  This knife is still the standard by which all other high end production knives are measured when it comes to fit and finish.  The exudes class and style and is still tough enough for most any job. - Shop All Large Sebenza 21s

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