Kai Wasabi Black Chef's Knife

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Kai Wasabi Black Chef's Knife

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You??ll reach for your Wasabi Black Chef??s Knife every time you cook. This is the workhorse knife that does just about everything. It shares the same classic Japanese styling as the rest of the Wasabi Black line, but like classic Western-style chef??s knives, it has a double-beveled blade as well as the multipurpose design of a traditional chef??s knife. The eight-inch blade offers plenty of slicing power and the curved belly enables you to easily make the rocking cuts for which this knife is perfectly designed and justly famous.

The Wasabi Black Chef??s Knife is part of Kai??s Wasabi Black series. The series features traditional Japanese single-bevel blade shapes as well as a selection of double-bevel Western-style blade shapes. Single-beveled blades excel when extremely precise cuts are needed??for example, when preparing sushi. Double-beveled blades offer ease of use and versatility. Wasabi Black brings you the best of both worlds. The blades are high-carbon stainless steel designed to take and hold a sharp edge, with a graze finish that gives them an attractive, brushed look. Paired with black polypropylene handles in a traditional Japanese style, Wasabi Black brings beauty and harmonious food preparation to any kitchen.
  1. Specs:
  2. Blade Length: 8"
  3. Blade Steel: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  4. Handle: Polypropylene