Koch Tools Treble - Oil Slick Zirconium

Item: KT-006
Koch Tools Treble - Oil Slick Zirconium
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The Koch Tools Treble dangler is a slick edc tool designed to make it easy and convenient to carry your keys and keychain tools either on a belt loop or on your pocket. The Treble functions include the dangler hook, a bottle opener and 3 slots for hanging keys and EDC tools. The Treble is both overflowing with practicality and cool factor so get rid of that uncomfortable bulge of keys or beat up karabiner and upgrade your EDC game with the Treble.

This version of the Treble is made of Zirconium in the Koch tools oil slick finish. Zirconium is an exotic material similar to Titanium, it is extremely resistant to corrosion, strong, and significantly lighter than steel.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 2.5" (64mm)
  3. Weight: 0.71oz
  4. Country of Origin: USA