LT Wright Genesis 3V - Flat Ground - Green Micarta

Item: LT-GNSS3V-60003
LT Wright Genesis 3V - Flat Ground - Green Micarta
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LT Wright | Genesis 3V - Flat Ground

In 2015 an electrician decided to test his skills and knowledge alone on Vancouver Island in Canada. Larry Roberts was a contestant on Season 2 of Alone (tm) on The HISTORY Network. Larry was one of ten participants chosen to survive in the wilderness on their own. He was allowed to choose ten special items to help with shelter, water, fire, and food. Among his ten items, Larry chose to take the L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives Genesis Scandi. He used it daily on the island. Larry was the runner-up; he ended up staying on the island for 64 days. This knife is meant to celebrate his accomplishment. Larry exhibited his proficiency in and knowledge of survival skills. He carved spoons, made traps, fashioned a spear, and countless other projects. Larry also showed his fortitude, strength, and determination. We are honored that he chose to carry the Genesis and we're very pleased with its performance.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 9.02" (229mm)
  3. Blade Length: 4.26" (108mm)
  4. Blade Thickness: 0.112" (2.82mm)
  5. Blade Steel: CPM 3V
  6. Blade Style: Spear Point
  7. Edge Style: Plain
  8. Handle Material: Green Micarta
  9. Handle Thickness: 0.97" (24.6mm)
  10. Weight: 8.18oz (231.9g)
  11. Country of Origin: USA