RMJ Tactical Raven 80CrV2 - Tungsten Cerakote - Hyena Brown G-10

RMJ Tactical Raven 80CrV2 - Tungsten Cerakote - Hyena Brown G-10
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The Raven design comes from their talented blacksmith, Reid Carmack who has been making custom forged Raven's for years. Like so many of their products, the Raven's inspiration comes from tradition, in this case, 9th century Nordic axes. In addition to the aggressive and distinctive looks, the raven is a formidable and functional tool. It features a robust head with a 3.5" cutting edge, the head flows into a straight handle that creates an extremely well balanced tool with incredible cutting capability. The bearded design allows for a high grip for accurate fine motor skill work. The 3D contoured G10 handles incorporate a diagonal, grooved texture for a sure grip without being overly aggressive. The Raven features a Tungsten Cerakote finish that offers corrosion resistance and a low-vis look. Included is a molded, bottom-eject kydex sheath and low-ride M.O.C. straps.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 14.5" (368mm)
  3. Blade Length: 4.8125" (122mm)
  4. Cutting Edge Length: 3.45" (88mm)
  5. Blade Thickness: 0.285" (7mm)
  6. Blade Steel: 80CRV2
  7. Blade Finish: Tungsten Cerakote
  8. Handle Material: G-10
  9. Weight: 25.5oz
  10. Country of Origin: USA
  11. Sheath: Kydex Scabbard with Low Ride MOC Straps