Shun Classic Blonde 6" Utility Knife

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Shun Classic Blonde 6" Utility Knife

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The Shun Classic Blonde Utility Knife is multipurpose and very, very handy. The utility knife has a narrow, straight blade that's perfect for a multitude of small tasks where more precise cuts are needed. Trimming green beans, cutting cauliflower florets, cutting sandwiches in half - all are tasks well suited to the Shun Classic Blonde 6 inch Utility Knife. Its very slightly curved belly enables it to do moderate rocking cuts. It's nimble enough to peel an onion in hand, then slice it up in short order. Utility knives are sometimes called sandwich knives because they work well on almost everything that goes into a sandwich—from thin-skinned vegetables such as tomatoes, to meats and cheeses.

  1. Specs:
  2. Blade Length: 6" (152mm)
  3. Blade Steel: VG-MAX
  4. Handle Material: Blonde PakkaWood
  5. Country of Origin: Japan