Silent Thunder Lume Insert - Gold

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Silent Thunder Lume Insert - Gold

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These lume inserts install into the lanyard holes of knives, providing rapid identification and visual flair in light and darkness. The best application is a lanyard hole exposed at the top of the pocket, where it can pick up charge from ambient light, giving it back as glow in darkness. But it is also a great way to find your knife on the nightstand, for all those midnight cutlery activities.

Each lume insert is a tri-oval, made of a temperature and solvent/lubricant resistant rubber, allowing simple press-fit installation and adaptability to a range of different hole-diameters. No adhesive or tools are required. (although if your knife has picked up a bit of pocket lint, we recommend cleaning the hole with a q-tip prior to installation) The material can be readily cut with a sharp blade, so if you see a version which is too tall, but otherwise has a similar hole-diameter, it can easily be trimmed to fit. For holes on the snug side, a little alcohol or soap mixed with water can be used to lubricate the insert for easier installation.

Sized to fit the Spyderco Paramilitary 2, Para 3, Manix Military, and Tuff

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  2. Country of Origin: USA