Spartan Blades Challenge Coin - Pineland

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Spartan Blades Challenge Coin - Pineland
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This coin represents our Pineland and Spartan Blades Team. In 2019 Spartan Blades and KABAR Knives formed Pineland Cutlery, Inc and to honor this union, we have created this new Honor/Challenge coin.

There are several stories detailing the origins of the challenge coin. Many originate in popular culture based on current events. As early as the Roman Empire soldiers were rewarded by presenting them with coins to recognize their achievements by their unit commander.

Prior to actual Challenge Coins being minted, soldiers who acted bravely in battle would be rewarded by comrades or superiors by buying that individual a drink. They would give that soldier a coin to buy the drink but more commonly, they would make a spectacle by slapping it down loudly on the bar or presenting them with a coin in an informal group setting. Receiving a coin from an officer was generally a considerably more valuable coin and rarely presented.

Colonel Verne Green, commander of the 10th Special Forces Group-A, embraced the idea. He had a special coin struck with the unit's badge and motto in 1969. Until the 1980s, his unit was the only unit with an active challenge coin tradition. During our time in the U.S. Special Forces, we often used our distinctive unit coins to challenge our brethren in hopes that he wouldn't have his coin and would have to pay the price by buying a drink.

  • 2" Dia.
  • 3D Releif
  • Enamel Enhanced Logos

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  2. Country of Origin: USA