Tactile Turn Slim Side Click Standard - Icefall

Item: TT-SIDE-852
Tactile Turn Slim Side Click Standard - Icefall

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Exploration in icy conditions requires careful planning to survive the treacherous landscape. Inspired by the natural phenomenon when a glacier moves in a rapid, chaotic manner, Icefall's unique, marbled finish is a mixture of white, gray, and blue Cerakote meant to imitate the crevassed surface of its namesake. Light blue accents on the button and clip bring out the blue in the body while an iceberg icon engraving completes the look and reminds us that there's always more beneath the surface. And for those concerned with our haphazard usage of unrelated places and formations like icebergs, glaciers, snowy mountains, and polar regions, we're reminded of a quote by Ernest Shackleton in a fireside chat with Sir Edmund Hillary – "Ice is ice."

  • White, Gray, and Blue Cerakote coating on body
  • Blue anodized side button and screw
  • Light Blue Cerakote finish on clip and top button
  • Iceberg icon engraving on the clip
  • Commemorative fridge magnet + sticker included

The Standard 5.8" comes with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm refill. Standard: 5.8" length, 0.83oz, and 0.365" diameter. Patterns may vary as each one is slightly different due to the unique cerakote finish.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 5.8" (147mm)
  3. Handle Material: Titanium - Icefall Cerakote
  4. Weight: 0.83oz
  5. Country of Origin: USA