Victorinox 4 1/2" Steak Knife - Wavy, Round Tip

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Victorinox 4 1/2" Steak Knife - Wavy, Round Tip

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Victorinox 4.5" Steak Knife, Serrated Blade, Round Tip, Black Nylon Handle, 40503. Durable nylon handle is NSF approved and dishwasher safe. Even though all nylon handles are dishwasher safe, hand-washing is recommended to prolong the finish of the handle. A steak knife is used at the table (as opposed to the kitchen) to cut through especially tough foods, such as meat. A great addition to your restaurant or home.
High carbon stainless steel blades are hand finished in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. These blades do not discolor or stain. These knives are specially ground and tempered so that they can be re-sharpened over and over again, keeping a sharp edge throughout their lifetime. Each Victorinox knife is stamped from a single sheet of metal. The blade is then hardened, tempered, ground down, polished, etched and finished. Swiss Army Victorinox provides professionals in food processing and preparation with superior quality, value-priced cutlery that enhances performance and increases productivity.

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