Wetterlings Axe

Wetterlings Axes can be summed up as: quality over quantity. It is a mantra that is becoming more popular as folks balk at cheaply made Chinese products in favor of having few items that are much higher quality made in the US or Europe. A basket full of $20 poorly made Asian import axes really don't hold a candle to one single finely crafted, hand forged Wetterlings axe.

Hand crafted and hand forged since 1880, a Wetterlings Axe is made from a proprietary carbon alloy steel achieving a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 RwC. This is very impressive for any axe as many only have a Rockwell in the high 40s or low 50s. Because of years of experience (Wetterlings is likely the oldest axe manufacturer still producing), they have been able to perfect the alloy and heat treat to allow for hardness and a keen edge which other manufacturers would not attempt in an ax. Top off the package with an extremely durable, straight grained American hickory handle and you have a work of art. Make no mistake, these hand forged axes are heirloom quality and designed to last a lifetime.

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