Why Choose Bark River Knives

We get asked all the time what knife we carry, hunt with or recommend. When it comes to fixed blade knives oftentimes the answer is a Bark River Knife. As BRKT’s oldest and longest standing distributor of knives we have forged a long-term relationship with this fine American knifemaker. Bark River Knife produces high quality blades one at a time at affordable prices in the USA – now that is something we can stand behind! Here’s why: 

American Made – All Bark River Knives are made right here in the USA by hardworking folks in the Escanaba, Michigan area. This legendary region is home to several custom or semi-custom knifemakers and was home to Marbles Knives for over 100 years. Building great knives runs in people’s blood in this area and the people making these knives have a true passion for their craft and it shows. 

Great Quality – Every knife that Bark River makes is made one at a time with attention to detail and pride that shows in every piece. Starting with the finest materials including tried and true steels such as air hardened A2 and revolutionary new steels such as 3V and CPM M4 Bark River painstakingly grinds and shapes the finest fixed blades money can buy. From this backbone BRKT adds your choice of handle scales from durable micartas to rare natural materials to the finest burl woods money can buy.

Heat Treat – every Bark River knife is heat treated to the specifications and requirement of cutlery legend, Mike Stewart. Mike personally set the protocols for every steel utilized and gets as much out of any given steel as any maker there is. Edge retention meets with toughness in a way that rarely is duplicated. 

Convex Edges – Bark River Knife predominantly uses convex edges on all of its product – and for good reason. This edge is nearly impossible to pump out en masse and as such only a very few manufacturers are willing to make the time commitment to convex their edges. Those that do reward their buyers with an edge that beats anything out there for durability and retention. 

Sheath – Bark River ensures a quality sheath goes out with every knife it produces. We find it frustrating when a manufacturer produces a fine product then matches it up with a cheap, inferior sheath. With BRKT you can rest assured your sheath will meet or exceed your expectations. 

Community – Bark River Knives actively participates in forums and social media allowing for an experience unique to the industry. What other production knife company chats with customers daily including access to the president of the company at any time? Add in unique events such as the Camp-In and Grind-In and you have a company where you, the customer, are family. 

Warranty – Every single BRKT knife is warranted for life without exception. Send it back and they’ll fix or replace it. It is that simple. Because they are here in America it won’t cost you a fortune in shipping to have warranty work done. Spa service which brings your knife back to near its original condition is typically available for a nominal fee also. Folks that have had spa service are typically blown away with the results. 

Buy a Bark River knife and you will agree – it is one of the best examples of American Made quality in the outdoor industry. But here is a word of warning - once you buy one you’ll probably want more – several more!

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