Work Sharp Blade Grinder Attachment Stropping Belt Kit

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Work Sharp Blade Grinder Attachment Stropping Belt Kit

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The Work Sharp Cloth Stropping Belt Kit provides a refined sharpening experience for those who demand the sharpest blades possible. The kit extends your sharpening and honing capabilities to the extreme end of the sharpening spectrum – utilizing micro-abrasive compounds to create an incredibly keen edge for high performance cutting tasks or creating a show-quality finish on your blade edges.

These Norton non-abrasive cloth belts will strop and polish an edge much like a leather belt, but provide a far more stable and consistent medium to apply micro-abrasive honing and polishing compounds. Unlike leather, cloth belts do not require conditioning and will not stretch over time – eliminating the maintenance that leather belts require. After extensive testing, Work Sharp discontinued the use of leather for honing. Cloth belts simply perform better – they are more efficient so you do not need to spend as much time on the belt, nor do you need as much compound.

The Cloth Stropping Belt Kit includes a chromium oxide ultra-fine honing compound (green) for stropping and a ferric oxide polishing compound (red) for putting a final mirror-finish on your blades. Kit includes 2 cloth belts so you can dedicate a belt to each micro abrasive compound.

Belts are 1"x18" and intended for use only with the Ken Onion Edition Blade Grinding Attachment (sold separately).

What's in the Leather Belt Kit:

  • (2) Norton Cloth Belts (1"x18")
  • (1) Green Chromium Oxide Ultra-Fine Honing Compound
  • (1) Red Ferric Oxide Polishing Compound
  • Stropping instructions


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