Ambush Sentry

You need an Ambush Sentry. Everyday life necessitates the carry of a durable, easy-to-carry knife that works as hard as you do. Built tough enough for any task that comes your way, the Ambush Sentry EDC is a smaller knife built rugged enough for the tasks typically reserved for a larger knife. The Sentry is easily carried in your choice of Kydex, leather belt carry or pocket sheath options, making it as handy as a pocket on a shirt. This knife simply begs to be carried daily. Useful and standing at the ready as its name implies, this Ambush knife measures 6.625” overall with a 2.75” blade (.125” thick) made of premium Elmax stainless steel for unparalleled edge retention and very good lateral strength.


The Sentry EDC has a flat-to-convex grind making it easy to maintain (and easy to convert to a V-Bevel if desired). Some of the finest stainless steel in the world – Bohler’s ultra refined Elmax – was chosen for its extremely uniform, clean molecular structure. This ultra pure stainless steel allows the steel to outperform just about any stainless on the market. An ample handle with a contoured/palm swell allows a sure, comfortable grip. Proudly 100% made in the USA – the knife, the sheaths and even the boxes, stickers and wrapping paper are all American made!

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