Bark River Bravo 1 Field Knife

Leveraging the legendary toughness and performance of the Bark River Bravo 1 the Field Knife version of this classic takes the camping, hunting or bushcraft knife to the next level! 100% American made and built tough enough to withstand a tornado of flying anvils, the Bravo 1 Field Knife makes easy work of any field knife chore. 

Backed by Bark River's famous lifetime warranty this tool is an investment in quality, craftsmanship and art when choosing one of many fancy handle materials utilized. Beauty and brawn combine in this rampless version of the Bravo. 

When we designed this knife and had Bark River Knives manufacture it we wanted the durability, balance and geometry of the Bravo 1 but in a non-combat, non-tactical version. Removing the thumbramp not only accomplishes this we feel it adds to the aesthetics and usability in field conditions. Adding traction groves right out from the handle allows the user to choke up on the knife a bit and still have a great grip on the knife. If there's a better knife for extreme use in the bush or field we haven't found it!


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