DLT Ultimate Block Strop/Hone Kit

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DLT Ultimate Block Strop/Hone Kit

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The DLT Ultimate Block Strop/Hone Kit took our Ultimate Block Strop and added 1 each 400 grit, 600 grit, and 1000 grit sandpapers as well as full-sized black (3,000 grit), green (6,000 grit) and white (12,000 grit) compound. Each side of the strop/hone measures 8" x 2". Three sides of this block strop are covered in leather, the other is left blank to mount the sandpaper. 

Buying all of these items as a kit results in a very nice cost savings as well as having all the materials needed to sharpen any knife to a hair popping edge. All components are proudly made in the USA!


Leather is a natural product and as such can have small imperfections in the hide or areas that are slightly thinner. This is not a defect and is completely normal with leather.