Exotac Matchcap XL - Gun Metal Gray

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Exotac Matchcap XL - Gun Metal Gray

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The MATCHCAP XLåª isnåÕt limited to just matches. Using a Stormproof (2.9åÓ long) match, the new design leaves 0.3åÓ to spare for tinder storage. If using kitchen matches, nearly half of the MATCHCAP XLåª is available for storage. Use the extra space to store water purification tablets, tinder, medicine, fishing hooks, first aid kit, etc.
Diameter: 1.20åÓ
Length: 3.60åÓ
Weight: 1.25oz

    Match case
    Extra O-rings
    Extra match strikers
    Instruction Manual

Do not overfill the MATCHCAP™. Leave approximately ¼ of the volume empty. When using the phosphorus striker on the top of the MATCHCAP™ it is advisable to strike from the top (opening) towards the O-ring. This will prevent any stray sparks from entering the inside of the MATCHCAP™.