Heritage MK5 Gurkha Kukri

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Heritage MK5 Gurkha Kukri
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This is Heritage Knives take on the famous post WW2 British Gurkha Issue “Mark 5” (MK 5) Kukri, inspired by those used in the British Army´s Brigade of Gurkhas during the 1950´s and 1960´s (mainly Malayan Emergency, Borneo Confrontation & Hong Kong border duties).

This hand-forged fulltang Kukri has a blade just below 11 inches made with AISI 5160 steel, oil quenched and heat treated to highest standards. A tapered blade for multi-purpose outdoor use and specifically for cutting and chopping (58 HRC), a sharp tip point for stabbing, weight around 550 g allowing the Kukri´s natural weight to be used in favor while maintaining martial flexibility and speed.

The rosewood handle is adapted for comfort and stability and has a stronger curve then many of our other Kukri´s. Comes with traditional military scabbard with black leather covered over wood.

The MK 5 Gurkha BSI Kukri is a great all-round Kukri suitable for the many activities in the outdoors. If you need it for battle remember the last Gurkha VC was won with a MK 5 Kukri during the Borneo Confrontation and many more gallantry awards won over WW2 and WW1 with a Kukri in hand.

Their design predates the commercialization of the MK 5 Kukri and made to be very functional. It is in essence based on military history as a weapon and tool, and belief that Kukri´s are intended primarily for use.

  1. Specs:
  2. Overall Length: 15.75" (400mm)
  3. Blade Length: 10.75" (273mm)
  4. Blade Thickness: 0.300" (8mm)
  5. Blade Steel: 5160
  6. Blade Style: Kukri
  7. Blade Finish: Satin
  8. Handle Material: Rosewood
  9. Weight: 18.87oz
  10. Country of Origin: Nepal
  11. Sheath: Black Leather
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