Light My Fire Firesteels

The Light My Fire Army Firesteel 2.0 is a must have for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors. If you need to start a campfire, ignite a grill or build a fire in a survival then look no further. The Light My Fire Firesteel 2.0 takes what was already the best firesteel on the market and makes it even better! New features and a stylish ergonomic design set the 2.0 apart from its predecessor.

The improvements to the new Light My Firesteel 2.0 begin with a new striker with a comfort grip plastic handle allowing for a more positive grip and greater ease of use. Next, the LMF Swedish 2.0 added a color matched lanyard and a new ergonomic handle on the striker. Finally, to aid in emergency and survival situations, an integrated whistle was added.

If you're looking for the best, most advanced firesteel on the market today, then look no further than the Light My Fire Steel Army 2.0. As with the best tools is life, the Light My Fire Steel is simple in design yet ingenious in how amazingly well it works. Getting wet, frozen, or damp are no longer worries when you have a premium magnesium firesteel like the Light My Fire Army model.

5,500 degree sparks are hot enough to start tinder such as cotton, dryer lint, maya dust, or other such tinder. Long-lasting the Army model will last for an amazing 12,000 strikes!

Easy-to-use and nearly unbreakable, this tool will be there when you need it. Simply strike (scrape) the magnesium rod with the included striker or the backside of a tool such as a knife and watch a shower of sparks fly. A Light My Firesteel should be in every outdoorsman's pack and vehicle for when a firemaking need arises. Your life may depend on it. Fits Bark River Knife's bushcraft style sheaths. Choose from the colors shown or even a new coconut shell model for a classy look.

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