LT Wright GNS

The LT Wright GNS knife or “Go No Show” is arguably the LTWK crew’s most popular knife. Measuring 9.5” overall with a 4.5” blade, this knife was built to bushcraft. You’re not a bushcrafter you say – how about camping, hunting or even fishing? The GNS has a design that locks your hand in place for a variety of tasks and chores with minimal to not hand fatigue. The fully contoured handle was built for a variety of hand sizes and feels fantastic whether you wear a medium or an extra large glove size. Built like a Sherman tank, the full exposed tang gives it a tough backbone and the handles are both epoxied and bolted on with fisheye bolts so your knife never lets you down – especially when you need it most. In a survival situation small features that may be overlooked can become very important. 

Need to spark a firesteel or scrape bark or make tinder? The 90 degree sharpened spine on the GNS will do it as well as any knife out there. This highly functional knife is perfectly sized for the outdoors and is ready for anything that comes its way! No matter what your task or endeavor LT and crew have built the perfect knife for you in the GNS. Proudly built in the USA and is available in steel such as O1, AEBL and CPM 3V.  


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