Sprint Run & Exclusives

Sprint Run knives from Spyderco are produced in limited quanties in a new steel type or handle color variant. Spyderco is always pushing the envelope to please even the most critical steel aficionado in the marketplace.

Spyderco Exclusives on the other hand, are new variants that dealers like DLT pitch to Spyderco to have made specifically for their distribution. This allows the dealer to bring new ideas to the public that would not have been made without their request. This continual "arms race" by the major dealers has brought about many unique and highly sought-after models. DLT is smack dab in the middle of the exclusives market and has brought out some of the hottest models over the last few years such as the Paramilitary 2 Red G-10 M390 Blade and the Paramilitary 2 Tan 20CV blade series. DLT has plenty of projects in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for our emails and social media posts for the next exclusive release.

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