Tanev Family Knives

Tanev Family Knives (TFK Ltd.) is a small family owned company making knives and other goods based in Bulgaria. 
TFK is made up of two brothers, Yancho Tanev and Venelin Tanev, and their father Stoyan Tanev. Their passion and love of knives and knifemaking in general has been a lifelong journey for the Tanevs. A few years back they decided to move up and make it a their profession, turning their dreams into reality. TFK works with a variety of materials and are always willing to try new things. Constantly working on new models that will express more of who they are by design, style and practicality in the near future. Tanev's goal is to make different types of high quality and practical knives from small EDC knives to bushcraft knives and kitchen knives. Tanev Family Knives is a real hidden gem, but won't be hidden for long! 
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