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Bark River Knives 2016 Production Schedule

 2016 Production Schedule

Glossary of Terms:
In Blade Grinding - Blades have been cut out, heat treated, and are now ready to be ground. This is the last step before they are returned to Bark River for production and delivery.

In Heat Treat
- Blades have been cut and are now off to be heat treated.

In Water Jet Cutting - Files have been sent to the water jet and blades are ready to be cut from large sheets of steel.

Pre-Order - Request a custom handle configuration to your specific requirements. Each knife has it's own set of options for pins, liners, and handle materials.



Petty Z CPM154

Ghost II Karambit

Tracker Companion

Kalahari Sportsman

Custom Bowies

Kephart CPM3V

Bravo Vortex

Little Creek


Bravo 1 3V LT

Custom Trackers / Trakker

Bravo 1 Elmax LT

Bravo 1 Elmax LT

Fox River LT Elmax

Aurora A2

Currently in Production

Fieldsman - Pre-Order Now!

Classic Trailing Point - Pre-Order Now!

Gunny Vortex - Pre-Order Now!

Bravo 1.5 S35VN - Field - Pre-Order Now!

Bravo 1.5 S35VN - Pre-Order Now!

Bravo 1 S35VN - Field - Pre-Order Now!

Bravo 1 S35VN - Pre-Order Now!

PSK Elmax - Pre-Order Now!

Bushcrafter II CPM 3V - Coming Soon

Moro Barong - Pre-Order Now!

Mountain Man 5" CPM3V - Coming Soon

Mountain Man 8" CPM3V - Coming Soon

Boundary Rider Bowie A2 - Coming Soon

Springbok II 3V

Shining Mountain Bowie V-44

Blackjack Model 1-7

Bravo II CPM3V

Blackjack Model 3-7

Adventurer III CPM154

Bravo 1 CPM3V


Classic Drop Point CPM3V

Springbok II CPM 3V

Woodland Special

Canadian Special CPM 3V

Bushcrafter CPM 3V