Edge Pro Sharpening Systems

Edge Pro has manufactured a professional grade sharpening system that provides razor sharp results for you, the home user. The Edge Pro Apex system allows you to set and keep a consistent angle on any knife blade, up to 3.5” in height. The system has pre-defined marks for 10, 15, 18, 21, and 24 degree grinds; but allows you to adjust the system to any angle between 10 and 24 degrees. This gives you the flexibility to sharpen a kitchen knife to a hunting knife, with a perfect v bevel edge.

All kits include the Edge Pro Apex sharpening system, 220 grit water stone, 400 grit water stone, microfiber towel, water bottle, instruction manual, and black carrying case. As the kits progress they include additional water stones, hones, and accessories.

If you have tried your hand at hand sharpening with inconsistent results; these kits are what you need to look at. The Edge Pro Apex will take your sharpening skills to the next level.

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