Helle Knives

Are you looking for a knife that's not only beautiful, but durable and functional as well? Are you looking for the perfect gift for the outdoorsman on your holiday gift list? Consider a quality, hand-crafted Helle knife.

What are Helle Knives?

According to the Helle Web site, their knives are made to be used. We would argue that Helle knives are also works of art. These handcrafted tools bring generations of Scandinavian outdoor experience and lust for the open seas to bear on a collection of single blades. Helle Knives, based in Holmedal, Norway in Scandinavia's fjord country, has been creating some of the world's best fishing, hunting, foraging and all purpose knives for more than 75 years. Stienar Helle crafted the first Helle knives in the Helle family barn and he delivered them to the market on his bicycle. Today, the company offers a complete product line of more than 30 different blades and their products are sold worldwide. From the Alden fishing knife, named for an intrepid island of fishermen in the north Atlantic, to the Viking, an all-purpose knife made in the using an historic Viking design, these Scandinavian hunting knives are tools you'll cherish for a lifetime. At DLT Trading Company, we are proud to represent such talented craftsmen and offer their superior products. Benefits of Scandinavian Helle Knives In addition to their beauty and their well-crafted design, Helle Knives offer a myriad of benefits. Just a few of these are:

  • Made of laminated steel -- Helle knives are made of laminated steel. They are as tough as you'll find.
  • Made in Norway -- Helle Norwegian knives are crafted using some of the same techniques the Vikings used centuries ago, by people from the same region that spawned those great adventurers.
  • Excellent value -- Helle knives may not be the cheapest knives on the market, but when you consider how long they last, they are a bargain.
  • Great for outdoorsmen (and women) -- These Helle knives for sale are tools you can depend on. They won't fail you when you need them the most.
    If you'd like to learn more about adding one or more quality Helle Norwegian knives to your collection, call one of our friendly knife consultants. We love to talk knives and think you will agree these Scandinavian hunting knives are truly unique and a great buy!
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