Shun Kitchen Knives

Shun Kitchen Knives are arguably the most beautiful, well designed production kitchen knives on the planet. Built with uncompromising attention to detail resulting in world class fit and finish this kitchen cutlery has received rave reviews from legions of supporters. Built in both traditional Japanese styles as well as more traditional western configurations you will rapidly see these knives are so sharp they are scary. Ever hear the adage that the meat was sliced so thin it only had one side? If that saying were true it would have been cut with a Shun kitchen knife. These Japanese Shun Chef Knives really are that sharp and that finely honed to perfection.

Shun Kitchen Knives draw on the 100 year history of KAI Corporation’s knife making expertise in the sword capital of the world, Seki City, Japan. This city steeped in the history of making edged instruments produces cutlery that will stand toe-to-toe with any knife on the planet. This history yields a manufacturing environment where generations of families have all worked in cutlery industry. This tradition and history culminates in world class cutlery that is without peer. Fully 100 steps are painstakingly taken in the creation of Shun Kitchen knives by these artisans. At each step the person making your kitchen knife views his job as much more than a means of a paycheck – it truly is a way of life in Seki City.

These works of art are not meant to be simply adored – they are built to perform in your kitchen. Honed to a 16 degree hair-popping razor edge these Japanese chefs' knives cut like lasers through warm butter. Shun Kitchen knives will out cut and flat out outperform almost any kitchen knives you have used. Because this is precision cutlery reasonable care should be used. DLT Trading recommends the use of a good wood or bamboo cutting board (never glass or granite) and cutting into bones is advised against. Like all premium quality cutlery we recommend hand washing to avoid the damaging heat and chemicals of a dishwasher. Storage in a wood block or BladeSafe will keep your Shun Knives damage free and performing for a lifetime. Covered by lifetime sharpening by Shun.

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