LT Wright JX3 Neck Knife

The LT Wright JX3 Neck Knife is a collaboration between LTWK, Chris Tanner of Prepared Minds 101, and Peter Kohler of Dark Timber Custom Knives.  With an overall length of 6.375” and a 2.875” blade made of 1/8th” A2 tool steel, the JX3 is large enough for fire craft, bush craft and even some food prep – all in the convenience of a neck knife. The blade includes a 90 degree sharpened spine for striking a firesteel and scarping bark. 

Adding to the overall utility of the JX3 Neck knife are thumb scallops for pinch gripping, an integral finger guard, and thin A2 stock so it will cut like a laser! Choose from micarta or wood handle offerings that will fit a variety of hands with little to no fatigue. Try the LTWK JX3 and we think you will agree that it is a little bit of American made goodness.


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