LT Wright Gary Wines Bushcrafter

Gary Wines is an armorer from the UK who has gained acclaim on battlefields ranging from Iraq to Afghanistan and more. The knives and tools designed and built by Gary have become legendary. Now focusing on civilian uses such as bushcrafting, hunting, and general purpose knives, the Wines designed knives have garnered a new crowd of fans. LT Wright Knives collaborated with Gary to come up with the LTWK Wines Bushcrafter. This knife we designed for those who live to spend time outdoors. 

Built rock solid with a full, exposed tang and handle slabs that re both bolted (fisheye bolts, not pins) and expoxied on this knife can easily hold up to the rigors of batoning, scraping, etc. Need to strike a firesteel or peel bark – no problem. The LT Wright Gary Wines Bushcrafter has a 90 degree sharpened spine to handle these taks with ease. Hand fatigue is a thing of the past thanks to a handle which is comfortable in a variety of grips from hammer to saber to chest lever grip. Measures 8.875” overall with a 4.125” blade (5/32” thick) and a highly useful and easy-to-sharpen scandi grind. Includes a drop dangler sheath with D ring and firesteel loop.


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